[sbml-discuss] Repository for SBML related code & scripts ?

AxelK Axel.Kowald at rub.de
Mon Dec 15 08:48:22 PST 2008

Hi everybody,

I wonder if there is a public place for small scripts and utility programs that are written by the community to manipulate SBML ?

For instance I wrote a python script that copies reaction parameter values from one SBML file to another. 

What is it good for? If you have created a model in CellDesigner and then made a parameter fit with Copasi, you can use this to get the parameter values back into CellDesigner without loosing layout information. Export the copasi model as SBML and copy the parameter values into the CellDesigner SBML file using this script.

If other people have written similar utility programs it would be nice if they would be collected at a central repository.
Does such a place exist ?


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