[sbml-discuss] 12th release of BioModels Database

Lukas Endler lukas.endler at gmx.at
Wed Dec 3 07:47:46 PST 2008

Hinxton, Wednesday 3st December 2008

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the twelfth release of BioModels Database.

In this release, 23 new models entered the curated branch. The public 
version of BioModels Database now contains 208 models in the curated and 
85 in the non curated branch. Together these 293 models comprise 27238 
species and 34443 reactions. Some of the existing models have been 
slightly changed to correct unit inconsistencies and to enhance 
reusability. Also the annotations of some existing models have been 
updated. The database now features around 13483 cross-references.

Accompanying this data release, the BioModels Database software has been 
* The number of all models related to a term is now displayed when 
viewing the Gene Ontology based model tree.
* The search engine now also scans through models already annotated but 
not yet in the public branch.
* For the Web Services users, there is a new feature in the Web Services 
to retrieve sub-models by giving the model id and different element's 
(such as reaction, species or compartment) ids.

Additionally from this release on, BioModels Database switched to a new 
authentication system. It doesn't influence the curators and annotators, 
but is more secure and flexible. For curation and annotation there are 
some other features added. For instance, annotators will be able to add 
curation comments when annotating the models.

For more details got to:

  BioModels Database is developed by the teams of Nicolas Le Novère 
(EMBL-EBI, United-Kingdom) and Michael Hucka (SBML Team, Caltech, USA) 
in collaboration with Upinder Bhalla (DOQCS, National Center for 
Biological Sciences, India), Ion Moraru (the Virtual Cell, USA), Jacky 
Snoep (JWS Online, Stellenbosch (ZA) University, ZA).

BioModels Database development is funded by the European Molecular 
Biology Laboratory (Le Novère team), the Biotechnology and Biological 
Sciences Research Council (Le Novère team), the National Institute of 
General Medical Sciences (SBML team and Le Novère team), and the 
National Center for Research Resources (Virtual Cell team).

A big thank you to all collaborators and submitters
Also we want to thank the SBML community for their support and the tools 
they provide and develop

The BioModels Database Team

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