[sbml-discuss] What to do about his unit checking case

Nicolas Le Novere lenov at ebi.ac.uk
Thu Feb 22 14:21:39 PST 2007

> My proposal for L3 (it could optionally be done for L2v3 but
> I think it would have to be voted on, which would take more
> time, and I think no one wants to delay L2v3 further):
> 1) Get rid of the UnitKind enumeration, and instead, define
>    UnitKind's current values as being reserved words in
>    UnitSId.
> 2) Change the data type of the Unit "kind" field to be
>    UnitSId.  (Combination of #1 and #2 thereby puts all
>    units into the same identifier space, for #3.)

Considering that L3 is still quite down the road (and by then RDF and OWL
will have gained momentum), we should stay attentive to the various
efforts to develop units ontologies:



and older efforts



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