[sbml-discuss] Surveys for SBML Level 2 Version 2

Andrew Finney afinney at caltech.edu
Mon Dec 5 09:08:27 PST 2005

 Dear SBML community,

 Several SBML Level 2 issues arose at the SBML Forum
 meeting in Boston in October.  We would like to hold
 votes in order to reach consensus about how to handle
 these issues for SBML Level 2 Version 2.

 There will be a series of messages to follow over the
 next several days.  Each will contain an explanation of
 an issue or group of related issues, along with choices
 for actions to take in SBML Level 2 Version 2.  Each
 message will also contain a link to a survey for
 obtaining votes about the choices.

 We would like the SBML community to read the
 explanations carefully, hold any additional discussions
 deemed necessary to clarify the issues and the
 available choices, and cast their votes using the
 survey page.
 You may cast your vote at any time after the message
 explaining the issue(s) and calling for votes is posted
 on sbml-discuss.  Each survey will be timed for 1 week
 following the issuing of the call to sbml-discuss.
 Hopefully 1 week will be long enough for everyone to
 discuss and vote on the issues, and hopefully we will
 still be able to get the entire series of issues
 settled before the end of the year.

 Thank you all, in advance, for your participation and
 help in addressing these SBML topics.

 Andrew and Mike

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