[sbml-discuss] Testing Reactome export to SBML Level 2

Bernard de Bono bdb at ebi.ac.uk
Mon Sep 6 18:02:45 PDT 2004

Hi Andrew, Nicolas & Pedro,

Thank you for commets & suggestions.

> I think we cannot rely on a database of unique IDs for every single state 
> of
> every single molecule possible. So whatever is done, tools will ultimately
> need to have users decide what species in the two models to merge are the
> same. There is still some need for humans in this whole picture :-)

Points well taken - I will update the Reactome SBML exporter to provide more 
meaningful (i.e. human readable) SId's.

Best wishes,


Dr Bernard de Bono
European Bioinformatics Institute
Wellcome Trust Genome Campus
Cambridge CB10 1SD,

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