Google Scholar, Firefox, and OpenURLs

T R Stickland T.R.Stickland at
Tue Jan 11 14:55:38 PST 2005

Nicely done.

Eric - is there any chance the 'OpenURL Router' profile distributed with
this extension could be modified slightly, so that the link is displayed
as an image with this URL:

That provides the user with the button appropriate to their resolver,
e.g. users from an institution with 1Cate will see a 1Cate button,
users from SFX customers get an SFX button, etc.


On Tue, 11 Jan 2005, Eric Hellman wrote:

> Peter Binkley's "proof-of-concept" got us pretty excited about
> Firefox and the possibilities of using plug-ins to put OpenURL's
> EVERYWHERE they belong - including Google Scholar.
> One of our engineers, Tom Ventimiglia, has spent a fair amount of
> time working on what Peter started to see how far it would go.
> Tom has added
> 1. NISO OpenURL 1.0 support. OpenURL 1.0 lets you do some really
> interesting things such as put the "referring entity" and "referent"
> url's into the openURL.
> 2. Integration of DOIs and PMIDs into OpenURLs. This results in real
> usability of the resulting OpenURL's when you're doing research such
> as in the biomedical area. This pulls information from all links
> provided by Google, not just the first one.
> 3. An "Options" window for entering library-specific configuration
> (linkserver url, link text, image, openurl version).
> 4. Profiles to allow users to quickly change the tool's configuration.
> 5. Automatic updates via Firefox's update service. We thought this
> was very important since you never know what google is going to do
> with their html.
> "OpenURL Referrer" is available at
> It can be used with OpenURL 0.1 or 1.0 linkservers such as 1Cate,
> SFX, Sirsi Resolver, LinkFinderPlus, LinkSource, OLink, LinkSolver,
> OL2, Swetswise Linker, ArticleLinker, etc.
> It's free; full source and data are available under the Mozilla
> "Tri-license" (MPL+GPL+LGPL).
> The interesting thing looking forward is not so much that this works
> for Google Scholar (which has to be considered promising but
> incomplete at this stage), but that it could work pretty well for
> some of information services that haven't "gotten it" yet.
> Eric
> At 12:44 PM -0700 11/30/04, Binkley, Peter wrote:
> >As a proof-of-concept I've built a Firefox extension that adds OpenURL links
> >to the results lists in Google Scholar. It can be downloaded here:
> > . The functionality is pretty basic
> >but it shows what might be possible.
> >
> >Ideally, Google will build this functionality directly into Google Scholar,
> >and we'll be able to integrate Google Scholar fully with our local access
> >systems. In the meantime, this extension is fun to play with. It is by no
> >means perfect, but it is perhaps a taste of what we have to look forward to.
> >
> >You'll need the latest version of Firefox to use it (1.0, not the 1.0
> >preview).
> >
> >Peter
> >
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